About Us

We’re all about acceptance and guidance for humankind.
Awo Orunmila
Our Mission:
To expand our culture and eliminate the negative stigma surrounding Ifa & Santeria.
We aim to spread and grow the religion, values, and culture of Ifa & Santeria, while offering spiritual belonging and guidance for all humankind, offering an alternative and holistic approach to life.

Santeria: What Is It?

Santeria’s origin draws its roots from Africa. It’s a syncretic religion that grew out of the slave trade in Cuba. Santeria is a pantheistic Afro-Cuban folk religion established from the Yoruba people’s beliefs and customs and incorporates some Catholic religious elements. With various religious practices and ceremonies, combined with Catholic practices and African folk beliefs, the religion was formed. It is characterized by home rituals, a connection to nature, physical offerings to saints, and occasional animal sacrifices. The followers of Santería believe that one God created the universe and that the world is cared for by lesser divine beings known as Orishas. An Orisha is a manifestation of Olodumare (God) and represents various forces of nature and certain human characteristics. Santeria focuses on developing relationships between human beings and powerful but mortal spirits, called Orishas. They are thought to perform miracles for believers and can also be blamed for unfortunate events. If someone is continually experiencing bad luck, they must appease their Orisha to attain harmony and balance in their life. Awo Orunmila, strives to dismiss misunderstandings and commonly perceived superstitions about Ifa & Santeria to enlighten and educate all.