Spiritual Services WE OFFER

Everyone is born with a guardian angel. When a human being is born, they enter the world with Ire or Osogbo, which means blessings or misfortune.

Ire is singular in nature – it’s something beautiful, in alignment with your fate, perfectly balanced, calm, cool, organized, white, rational, light, and peaceful. Osogbo means ‘misfortune’ – it rules the earth and is everywhere. It’s difficult, unbalanced, challenging, hot, irrational, chaotic, dark black, and often violent.

As Priest or Priestesses, with a mission of helping people, we look for Olodumare, Olofi, & Orishas to help ours and your situations concerning health, love, economy, business, marriage, etc. to transform an Osogbo (misfortune) into Ire (blessings).

For Awo Orunmila, Olodumare and Olofi have the same respect and love as the Pope who loves God and Jesus. Our passion and drive to help humanity and offer those in need of love, assistance, and guidance to live a rich and Ire life helps you get rid of all Osogbo.

People who are born and sent from Olofi are destined to work in the religion and help humanity. Other people are sent to worship Olodumare, Olofi and the Orishas; which, receive their eleckes, or kariocha.

Most people who are unable to get help from elsewhere find guidance through Ifa & Santeria. When they come to our service to seek help, their issues are often resolved with a simple or a complex ceremony regardless of being religious or in the religion at all.

Our doors are open to everyone, which develops a great faith in Ifa & Santeria in them.

What We Offer?


Vibrant & Empowering.

It is a spiritual reading that tells you your past, present, and future and how to cleanse your aurora and the astral path to align. Awo Orunmila also helps remove all negativity & Osogbo, etc.

We serve all individuals who need help with a path similar to a Padrino or Madrina role and guide you until the end. We’re here to support you unconditionally with your health, mind, spirit, and overall happiness in life with the blessings of Ire.

  • Spiritual Mass
  • Rayamiento
  • Hand of Orula
  • Kariocha
  • Ifa
  • Kuanaldo
  • Enchantments of love, work, prosperity, money, business, health, etc..
  • Plus, case by case services.